Similarly, the Tops Reporter’s Notebook, which costs 7¢ per page, offers merely mediocre paper no better than what you’d find in a dollar-store notebook. That’s not to say that there isn’t a place for these notebooks—they simply weren’t what we were looking for. The Clairefontaine Basics Life Unplugged and notebooks were previous picks for this guide. We dismissed them this time around because of their wide ruling. The Rhodia ColoR Premium Notepad was our previous medium-size notebook pick, but we decided to test Rhodia’s Webnotebook instead this time since it has a more classic book-style format. We still like the Rhodia ColoR’s excellent, smooth paper, and we recommend it if you want a notepad in this size that isn’t spiral-bound.

  • If all you want is a color and font choice, then look no further; portable and under 100KB, Black NotePad fits the bill.
  • You can use its toolbar or use hotkeys to access various functions.
  • As well, some dark mode fans feel the theme makes the entire UI more aesthetically pleasing — plus it can save a little battery, too.
  • Oxygen includes some options that allow the application to auto-detect formatting and indentation settings.

It is a very small software which is available in multi language user-interface and portable version. You can modify many types of code files using this software. It can modify multiple XML files in multiple tabs with syntax highlighting and other handy editing features. Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. are other files you can modify using this software. It is available in portable and installer version with multilingual user-interface. Webocton Scriptly is a quality source code editing tool which can be used to edit multiple XML files.

Writing and note apps with dark mode

I hope someone from microsoft read this thread and for gods sake, make a update to make everything dark on apps, and all the things said here. Find and Replace still has some quirks in the preview , but it’s definitely a more modern experience. Entries below the separator line will change the encoding of the active file, without changing the glyphs. Not all preferences are handled in dialogs, and those toggles and settings are described here. There are no regular expression or wildcard syntax interpretations in the Filter.

This source code editor provides effective editing features and tools to edit XML files. Its interface is also available in full screen mode and it can also save XML file in other file formats. This small tool remains in system tray after minimizing. JEdit is java-based and multi-platform programming tool. This tool can edit many types of code files including XML file. It also highlights syntax in text area while editing a file.

The Best Back-End Tools for Web Developers to Use in 2023

Select the new text editor there, click the Always use this app to open .txt files option, and press the OK button. Without the use of specialist software you can’t easily save a PDF as a text file. Software such as Wondershare PDFelement or Adobe Acrobat Pro may be able to help you convert your PDF to TXT format, but these usually require a subscription or purchase fee of some kind. As an alternative, you can convert a PDF file to a text file through the use of an online converter such as Zamzar. Our online conversion tool is free, simple and easy to use on any device with an internet connection.

Microsoft starts shaming unsupported Windows 11 PCs, but offers a way to deal with it

It would be nice if someone would provide a few different varieties of download of Notepad++ that already has certain plugins installed. Its a waste of time to always have to download and manually install plugins. I still prefer PSPad to Notepad++ but maybe that’s just me. PSPad just feels more contained and has a lot of useful tools such as colour picker, colour translator and so on.

As for the types of plugins available, they span from auto-publish functions, FTP support and color pickers to autosave, document comparison, spell check and much more. Once installed, each plugin is accessible from the Plugins menu. In this article, we will talk about an editor that our readers requested and talked about repeatedly in the comments of the other articles — Notepad++.